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revised February 2015

Physical security

Custody - I do not take physical possession of client funds or have custody of client financial accounts while acting in the role of accountant or adviser. That means that I do not have the sole authority to sign checks or make withdrawals. In some cases I may have the ability to authorize electronic payments under pre-negotiated written accounting services arrangements.

In the event that I may act in joint roles, for example as Treasurer, Board member or Officer in addition to my role as an accountant/adviser, then the specific additional authority of that role would be disclosed in a separate written agreement.

Paper documents - I prefer to not take physical possession of original documents or physical documents that contain personal information. A PDF file or clear cell phone photo is almost always a better option. If I do take possession of a paper document, I will issue a receipt and arrangements for its handling and return are made in writing on an individual case-by-case basis.

Private client data, passwords and account access details for client files are not stored on any local physical device so that loss of a cell phone or computer, for example, does not pose a security threat.

Online security

Client data - Online document management and storage is handled by a US-domiciled Internet security service called SecureFilePro. Clients' files are always protected by tough, industry-standard security measures. All transmissions are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, and files are encrypted at rest on the private US-based server. At all times, clients can view and access only their own documents.

Other data - Security for routine work and information that does not involve sensitive client data is provided by Microsoft cloud-based storage platform. In other words, I am as secure as any of the many businesses operated on a Microsoft Office 365 platform. Microsoft publishes more information on its Security page.

Passwords and account access details - I use an industry-leading third party password security company for separate management of passwords and online accounts.


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