Shocking Legislative Scam Proposed by Senators; Endorsed by President

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Is is shocking and horrifying to read that 48 United States Republican Senators and the president of the United States have pledged their vote to a secret proposed legislative scam known as the ‘Graham-Cassidy bill’ that: They have not seen or read Is not available in written form for public review Can only be passed […]

NJ flood news dominates my web traffic

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A review of my web site traffic for the past month indicates that the four heaviest traffic days featured new posts describing the effects of flooding at the Delaware Bay in New Jersey. These accounted for more web site visits than any other topic. A month ago I reported that state and country sources independently confirmed […]

Single payer health care on the rise

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We see fresh indications that public and legislative support for a single payer health care system are on the rise. Bernie Sanders is one of a growing number in Congress who support the HR 676 “Medicare for All” bill this week. A long list of Democratic Congressional representatives co-sponsored the House bill. The president even took time […]

Spelling matters

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I am surprised at how many people argue that spelling and language skills in general do not matter as long as the message is communicated. Words do matter. Language matters. Etymology matters. Spelling matters. I’ve put out tens of thousands of pieces of writing over a career that began in the early 1980s. My career […]

DACA facts

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An average DACA recipient is now 26 years old and came to the US at age six so they have no other roots or foreign ties outside of their life in the U.S for the past 20 years. 91% of them are employed and pay the same US wage taxes without receiving the benefits that […]

Features of Freedom Benefits Small Business Benefit Plan 2018

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The new 2018 Small Business Employee Benefit Plan, available now, includes more features and options than ever before to allow your small business to offer big company benefits. Features include: ·       Easy, fast and inexpensive ·       Allows for inclusion of a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account(FSA), dependent care plan, […]