‘Fiducuary rule’ claims first victims

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Today a major national investment firm announced that it will no longer offer the choice of commission-based mutual funds in its retirement plan accounts. The change comes in response to the ‘fiduciary rule’ recently enacted by the Obama administration. This firm, Edward Jones, id the first to take such action. The firm hopes to convert the […]

Pricing of nonprofit accounting service worksheet

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I created a new worksheet for calculating accounting service costs for small nonprofit organizations at http://www.wealthmanagement.us.com/pricing/ The intent is to show that the package of services can be provided at a lower price than the som of its individual parts. For more information on improving performance of nonprofit organizations, request a copy of my booklet “What […]

IRS does not pay ‘bounties’ to retirement plan auditors

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I found this interesting exchange in the reader comments on Employee Benefits Adviser. I changed the names and of course can’t vouch for the authenticity of the writers. The article topic was the increased rate of audits of retirement plans since the IRS is aware that a high percentage of retirement plans have major deficiencies. […]

More warnings of crowdfunding fraud

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“There was a time when a fool and his money were soon parted, but now it happens to everybody”. Yesterday GrindTV ran an article about more crowdfunding fraud. Investment without responsible independent financial oversight leads to disaster. That’s why the accounting profession exists. Investors simply need a healthy dose of reality here. The most basic […]

Aetna oddities

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News is emerging that Aetna attempted to strong-arm the U.S. Justice Department last month before pulling out of the individual health insurance exchanges. That doesn’t seem like a smart strategy under any circumstance and of course it did not work. I recall sitting in an Aetna corporate strategy presentation in the late 1980s and recognizing […]

CPA licensing issues

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In the aftermath of my recent unplanned involvement in investigating CPA license reciprocity issues, state licensing and peer review requirements, I conclude four things: 1) The stated intention of the AICPA’s mobility project is largely usurped by the states that do not wish to lose control and revenue from the practice of accounting within their […]

Arizona small business crowdfunding

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Arizona joined the growing number of states that allow small business equity crowdfunding within its borders on terms that do not violate federal securities laws. The state’s new small business crowdfunding law went into effect this month. FundMyBusinessAZ.com is a site that operates under a new law signed by the governor that paved the way for […]

Another reason to stay clear of GoFundMe

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In a post titled “Fraud in Crowdfunding” I’ve written about the ridiculously high rate of fraud on GoFundMe campaigns. Some third-party evidence suggest that the majority of campaigns on that site involve some type of fraud, deception or mismanagement. The scams reported target both the project sponsors and those who fund the projects. Simply put, […]

Insulting Pennsylvanians: enough BS already

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I’m still astounded by Trump’s accusations over the weekend about voter fraud in the banana republic of Pennsylvania. Even if he is completely ignorant on the topic, his advisors must be aware that there isn’t a single case of documented voter fraud in recent PA history even after substantial (and expensive) investigation and litigation in […]