Sobering message to nonprofit board members 

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I expect to deliver this message of my engagement findings to the CPA board member and treasurer of a nonprofit client over the weekend: 1) you are in a fiduciary environment with responsibility for other people’s money. 2) We all recognize there are weaknesses in the bookkeeping. 3) There is no evidence that the accounting […]

Revisiting CRM for sole practitioner

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It is time for me to revisit the topic of Client Relationship Management systems. I put together notes here in 2014 and in 2012 for the NJCPA.  I am looking for a CRM that is well-suited for a sole practitioner CPA practice. I’ve been using Pipedrive and there are many things I like about it. Price […]

QuickBooks professional education today

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After a technology-plagued day of QuickBooks webinar presentations yesterday, I am hoping for a better experience today. Intuit is using technology that is apparently suffering from bandwidth issues at the source of the presenter’s location. The end result is that the presentation freezes and the viewer must log out and then log in again. […]

Clinton Foundation vs. Trump Foundation

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Recent news reports about the Clinton Foundation and Trump Foundation allow us to draw sharp distinctions between the two organizations. Starting with the basics, the Clinton Foundation is a properly registered charity that is actually active in attempts to do good in the world. The Clinton Foundation completes required filings and audits. Some transactions reported in this election […]

More on the education divide in the U.S.

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I’ve written in an earlier bog post about the unprecedented ‘education divide’ where the level of formal education is now the most highly correlated indicator of a person’s political beliefs. Yesterday The Wall Street Journal ran a story about that same phenomenon with a series of findings by the Bowling Green State University National Center for Family […]

Use an honest marketing system

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Stop using “sales tricks”. The words you use matter. I recently blasted a recruiter of a financial services firm for using an email template that started with a statement that simply was not true.  I pointed out how received the same false email generated from exactly the same sales template from several other firms that week […]

Invoking the name of Jesus in a business publication

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A blog post that I put out yesterday titled “The Accountant’s ‘Come to Jesus Moment’” had the 2nd highest number of views on its first day of publication.  I did not do anything different to promote it. In fact, yesterday I had less time than usual to cross post in the usual media (LinkedIn, G+, […]