Primer on Tax Transcripts

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In this age we know that information is power. Tax transcripts are increasingly important for providing primary information to efficiently handle federal tax issues. As a tax adviser, I find that the level of federal tax information available to clients is poor and is often dominated by misinformation and misunderstanding. Tax transcripts give us the most […]

Aetna locked in legal battle over ACA pullout

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An interesting lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania last week against Aetna Inc., a Connecticut-based insurance company that has been one of the nation’s largest alternate insurance choices for decades. Aetna pulled out of the individual health insurance markets in 11 states claiming that this was a business decision to prevent the company from losing money. […]

Make small business payroll service pay for itself

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Recently I published a series of short blog posts on the topic of payroll processing for small businesses. In summary, I’ve suggested that today’s automated payroll services are a fantastic value but that coördination and oversight by a small business compensation professional helps avoid problems and penalties that stem from miscommunication. I’ve suggested that the […]

Health plans for New Jersey Farmers

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This is a pre-publication draft of an article intended for print media. New Jersey’s farmers have it tough when it comes to negotiating a path through health care reform. New Jersey insurance markets have been expensive, compared to other states, since the 1990s.  Health plans for self-employed people provide in-network care only and this can […]

How to cope with threatened sabotage of health care financing

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Three strategies for small business health plans On Friday July 28 and Saturday July 29 president Trump and his press spokesperson made a series of statements indicating that he planned to sabotage a financial pillar health care system by revoking government funding for the insurance premiums working class people. The president’s actions are admittedly motivated by politics. […]

Five health care strategies for small businesses in 2017

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Only hours past the point where we thought that Republican leaders in Washington DC had reached an agreement on  minimalist proposal to begin “repeal and replace” of Obamacare, the measure known as “skinny repeal” (covered in my last blog post) has been defeated. Many of us went to bed last night thinking that the healthcare […]