The wrong way to do year-end tax planning

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Implementation is the most important part! The Thanksgiving Day online edition of The Wall Street Journal carried an article about year-end tax planning strategies. It caught my attention because this is my favorite part of my own professional practice; a service I look forward to providing in the last quarter of each year. It is […]

Starting a 401(k) plan for your small business

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This post covers the planning steps required to help ensure the launch of a successful small business 401(k) plan. Planning First, consider whether you really want a 401(k) plan. It seems that every small business likes the idea of a 401(k) plan until they fully consider the cost, administrative requirements and restrictions placed on higher […]

Clear explanation that there are no “1099 employees”

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I like this clear simple language in Employee Benefit News: “Employers face an uphill battle in classifying a worker as an independent contractor due to DOL guidance that defines ‘employee’ so broadly that such a classification should only be reserved for a narrow subset of workers.” It is amazing how many employers are oblivious of […]

How to fix your small business 401(k)

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This week President Obama’s administration gave a strong endorsement of the Department of Labor’s plan to impose fiduciary obligations on investment brokers and advisors working with retirement plans. The controversial proposal is based on a belief that new rules are a needed consumer protection to prevent billions in costs due to bad advice. Most consumer advocates […]