Keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Independent

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In 2008 the United States suffered a previously unimaginable financial blow stemming from negligence, scandal and fraud at multiple levels of banking, Wall Street investment firms and government. We suffered but survived it by coming together, accepting the major financial setback to our lives, and taking steps to ensure that it did not happen again. One […]

Online Banking with Chase/Intuit

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Chase Bank, the last large bank to resist automated online integration with customer accounting software, announced a deal with Intuit, the nation’s largest consumer and small business software firm. Now customers can automatically reconcile accounts, analyze performance reports, prepare tax filings and make bank transactions from a single secure software with little effort and without the […]

Trends in home ownership

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The rate of individual home ownership is stuck at the lowest point in our lifetime. The trend will be further aggravated in 2017 as interest rates rise, real estate tax incentives diminish, and disposable income falls for the lower half of American households. Yet it remains unclear whether the homeownership issue indicates a serious underlying economic problem or a […]

How I “wowed” a small business accounting client today

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I don’t think that small business accountants have many opportunities to “wow” a client. Marketers would probably say I am short-selling myself on this opportunity and that I could find more ways to impress if I really looked for these opportunities. I get it. But the reality is that daily life of a small business […]

Trump’s evolving priorities

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What do we know so far about the incoming Trump administration’s priorities and evolving 100 day plan?  Specifically, how will it affect my small business clients? What issues should advisers focus on with clients? Over the past five weeks we’ve heard these position statements that I am using personally to base my own economic forecasts. […]

Arizona small business crowdfunding

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Arizona joined the growing number of states that allow small business equity crowdfunding within its borders on terms that do not violate federal securities laws. The state’s new small business crowdfunding law went into effect this month. is a site that operates under a new law signed by the governor that paved the way for […]

Trump is absolutely right about banking regulation

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When Bernie Sanders made big bank regulation the focus of his campaign platform, this point became the sharpest distinction between him and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Clinton has a long history of big bank support despite the strong evidence that these powerful special interests are hurting innovation, job growth and small businesses across America, We […]

New money-saving features in retail banking

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The Wall Street Journal carried two interesting articles on retail banking today. I’m in the process of moving our business banking to Wells Fargo that shows up prominently in the list. Wells Fargo is doing a handful of things right. The real story is the growing list of time-saving and money-saving features offered by banks […]