Arizona small business crowdfunding

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Arizona joined the growing number of states that allow small business equity crowdfunding within its borders on terms that do not violate federal securities laws. The state’s new small business crowdfunding law went into effect this month. is a site that operates under a new law signed by the governor that paved the way for […]

Trump is absolutely right about banking regulation

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When Bernie Sanders made big bank regulation the focus of his campaign platform, this point became the sharpest distinction between him and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Clinton has a long history of big bank support despite the strong evidence that these powerful special interests are hurting innovation, job growth and small businesses across America, We […]

New money-saving features in retail banking

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The Wall Street Journal carried two interesting articles on retail banking today. I’m in the process of moving our business banking to Wells Fargo that shows up prominently in the list. Wells Fargo is doing a handful of things right. The real story is the growing list of time-saving and money-saving features offered by banks […]