Tech changes this week rock small businesses

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Both of these issues came in the last days of September. As of today, I only know that both issues deserve more attention. MICROSOFT: This is significant technical news for the legal and accounting fields as well as many other small businesses who use a Windows based system to manage data. Bottom line: I will […]

New problem with cellular internet

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Of course Murphy’s Law dictates that this internet access issue came to a crisis in the last two business days before business tax filing deadline on Monday. I’ve been thinking how ironic it would be if lack of internet access is the factor that finally causes me to leave my home office after 25+ years […]

Text messaging for income tax filing

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We notice that a growing portion of our tax clients prefer to communicate by text message over other methods like live in-person, telephone, fax, email, and video call. It is clear that texting is the #1 tax communication method now, exceeding the combined use of all other methods. The IRS and state tax authorities do […] Expert Certification

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Accounting, Banking, Computers and Internet is a market-leading software that automates tedious tasks, gets you paid faster electronically, and integrates with your accounting software to fit your workflow. I started using it last year and passed the expert certification program today. For a demonstration of how this technology can save time and money for your firm throughout the year and […]

A fresh look at my history of online complaints

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I reviewed a total of about 20 complaints about my online material. None of these complaints involved tax publications. None were connected to offline activity. None of the complaints resulted in any finding of wrongdoing. I see no other pattern.   If I count the work I did as a teenager raising sweet corn and […]

Review of Lenovo T580 ThinkPad laptop for tax practice

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Last month I purchased a T580 ThinkPad Laptop Machine Type Model 20L9CTO1WW, directly from Lenovo at a price of about $1,500 as customized, with tax and delivered. The machine is meant to be my primary accounting practice machine. This is my first ThinkPad after about 20 years of using comparable but less expensive primarily HP […]

PDF document handling in 2018

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The Internal Revenue Service, state revenue departments and many other branches of government and industry rely heavily on the Portable Document File (PDF) format handling electronic documents. It follows then, that a tax professional needs to be up-to-date in handling PDFs with maximum security and efficiency. According to Wikipedia, the Portable Document Format (PDF) is a […]

An experiment in password security

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Back in 2012 I published a few educational articles reviewing and promoting the use of password management software. The message in short: we should all be using separate, randomly generated passwords for each our online accounts that are not written or recorded in non-secure online locations and are changed periodically. One of these articles is still […]

Does blogging work?

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Last evening I appeared on a short segment on the NBC national news. The story was rebroadcast on this morning’s Today Show. After these brief TV appearances I received a bunch of phone calls, emails and messages asking how this came about. In fact, it was just an odd random event in my patchwork schedule […]

Encrypted Email, Secure Messaging and Secure File Transfer

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“Encrypted Email”, “Secure Messaging” and “Secure File Transfer” are three terms that most people doing business online should know about today. This seems like a good time to review the options as we begin the tax filing season. While these security measures are probably not needed for most people most of the time, I include […]