Microsoft security issue: unusual activity report

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I recently worked through a security issue with my Microsoft account and am now sharing this story and information that might be useful to others. Also, by writing a blog post I have an easy record of the issue for when I need to recall the details later. I conclude that the security features worked as […]

Contact and calendar management

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revisiting issues with Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, iPhone  I spent some time this morning reviewing the most basic technology tools for a business person: contact manager and calendar. I’ve gone back and forth between Google and Microsoft several times and finally settled on a Microsoft Office environment using Outlook last year for the reasons outlined in […]

Security upgrade for WordPress hosted small business web site

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This week I noticed an apparent attempted brute force attack on this web site with over 10,000 blocked log-in attempts. This caused me to question and re-evaluate my data management plan and Privacy and Security protocols. This review is for my own satisfaction only, these is no indication that any of my systems or data have […]

Easy Button for Small Business Accounting

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Forty percent of small business owners said that dealing with bookkeeping and taxes are the single worst parts of owning a company according to a survey conducted by SCORE. Yesterday I spent two  hours showing a small business client how to automate most bookkeeping tasks and save thousands of dollars on bookkeeping costs. I introduced our session […]

Drive encryption (or file encryption) revisited

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I just read a pretty good article written for attorneys recommending drive encryption on laptop PCs and mobile devices. The basis of the recommendation is the assumption that attorneys have sensitive private information on those devices that is at risk when they are working “on the go”. This prompted me to read a few more articles […]

I am a racist

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Yesterday a business associate called me a racist online. It’s a first in 30+ years of published social activism that began with opinion pieces published as a college newspaper columnist and editor. I replied that I think all of us are predisposed to racial bias in our environment. I am quite aware of this bias in my […]

Increase in calls from online searches

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I’ve noticed an increase in the number of business inquires this past week coming as a result of online searches, mostly Google. I hope this is the beginning of a trend. Three calls yesterday were especially interesting: Avoid high pressure sales A sales manager in Pennsylvania called for advice about health insurance. We was dismayed […]

Chase Bank is not affiliated with Freedom Benefits

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I am responding to a telephone caller who presumed that my trademarked business name Freedom Benefits was associated with a credit card program apparently offered by Chase Bank. Over the years I’ve received a number of calls from consumers and even one from the FBI years ago investigating consumer reports of someone using the name in an […]

Short review of Windows Fax and Scan

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Windows Fax and Scan is a utility program built into all modern versions of Windows operating software. I did not use this utility program until recently when I became discouraged by my lack of ability to maintain my earlier version of an Abobe Acrobat program in a Windows 10 operating system without switching to a […]

Verizon Wireless vs T-Mobile cellular data

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I’ve wrestled with the exploding cost of cellular data costs for my home and small business use. I’m not doing anything different that would account for the increase in data use. In fact, over the past three years I’ve dramatically cut back on practical use of internet technologies – no more web cam, music services, or […]