Crowdfunding at its worst

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It was bound to happen. A crowdfunding platform called First Asia Alliance apparently misrepresented investments, may have mishandled investors’ money and now the owners may now be bankrupt. Crowdfunding is a ripe opportunity for fraud and we know that mismanagement is rampant in some non-business crowdfunding platforms like Gofundme. Fortunately, this failed crowdfunding project was in Asia so few […]

PA government says use a good financial adviser

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The Department of Banking and Securities is reminding Pennsylvania investors and businesses interested in buying and selling shares in companies through crowdfunding that finding a good adviser is an important first step in the process. “It is important for investors to do your homework and/or seek trusted professional advice before investing money in an equity […]

The benefits of Kickstarter

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Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick  explored the impact of Kickstarter through a large email survey designed to document the impact of  Kickstarter crowdfunded projects. Kickstarter has received some bad publicity lately in stories that allege that 1 in 3 of the platform’s backers never receive the benefit promised by successful project sponsors. Since its launch, Kickstarter has […]

Update on crowdfunding legislation for July 2016

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I’ve written often that the world of crowdfunding is evolving at a rapid pace. references to other recent news is built into my new crowdfunding bibliography published yesterday. This month that evolution continued as the U.S House of Representatives passed two bills designed to make it easier for businesses to raise money through crowdfunding. I feel […]

Crowdfunding article bibliography

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Are you a small business owner thinking about crowdfunding? Crowdfunding issues have become an increasingly frequent part of my day-to-day discussions with small businesses – both for profit and nonprofit – and the investors who finance them. Many of my recent blog posts reflect this trend. Most of these blog posts focus on very basic concepts of […]

US playing catch-up in small business crowdfunding

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Other counties are still ahead of the US in small business crowdfunding. In the first half of 2016 Netherland alone, for example, raised almost $100 million (US) capital for over 700 purposes including small and medium sized businesses, social projects, creative projects and consumer lending. The majority of the capital raised went to small business […]

Web promotion and crowdfunding for nonprofit organizations

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If you are involved with leadership of a nonprofit organization then you are likely to be aware of the effort and expense to boost the online presence and branding of your organization online. It’s all the rage today. These efforts usually revolve around bolstering the organization’s web site and then outreach through social media. The real questions […]

Crowdfunding for agriculture and aquaculture

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A US-Greek agriculture company will attempt to issue $7 million in a crowdfunded offering this week. The money will be used to acquire small farm in Greece and convert them into organic producers. The company believes that it can run them more efficiently as one large enterprise. This has been a fundamental driver in consolidation within […]

“Could crowdfunding be the next big investment scandal?”

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British newspapers are buzzing this week with headlines like “Could crowdfunding be the next big investment scandal?” Let’s be clear about a few things here in the U.S: The reference to “investment” means that we are discussing equity crowdfunding. This is different from most types of crowdfunding that you’ve heard or read about. Buying stock […]