Delaware passes crowdfunding law

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Delaware is the state of organization of many small business organizations including most of my clients. Yesterday Delaware joined 34 other states in passage of legislation that makes use of more liberal federal crowdfunding rules for small business equity financing. The new state law recognizes the provisions of federal law under the JOBS act. I’ve […]

The demand for alternative investments

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Establishing a safe stream of investment income has been a significant challenge for investors and the challenge seems to be expanding. The Wall Street Journal today reports “There is now $13 trillion of global negative-yielding debt, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. That compares with $11 trillion before the Brexit vote, and barely none […]

State lawmakers tinker with crowdfunding: helping or hurting?

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LexisNexis reported yesterday that “Texas securities regulators this month are considering tweaks to state crowdfunding rules that would lift escrow requirements for smaller investments, changes that attorneys say demonstrate the state’s continued eagerness to fine-tune crowdfunding”. Other media sources covered the advancement of crowd funding in North Carolina this week. Many other states are also […]

How to run a successful small business crowdfunding campaign

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Many small business owners dream about tapping the power of the internet to raise funding for their growth. Yet in reality few people have an understanding of what it takes to be successful in the realm of crowdfunding. Many of my talks and article focus on explaining that many of the same attributes that indicate […]

Business crowdfunding for newbies

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If you are curious but mostly unfamiliar with crowdfunding for small businesses, I suggest that these three concepts are the most important points to understand first: Crowdfunding is evolving. It is still not the best financing choice for most small businesses, but that is changing. In the meanwhile, it makes sense to prepare your small […]