Here we go: misdirected but full steam ahead

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“My agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting America first” – Donald Trump on November 21, 2016. As he starts off misguided but stubbornly determined to push in the wrong direction it seems that humanity is in for a difficult time ahead. As one humble and relatively powerless individual citizen, I will continue to scream […]

Understanding the Trump supporter

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Four days before the election President Obama delivered a powerful impromptu message about tolerance and respect toward Trump supporters. It took courage to deliver that message even in defiance of the audience that would have sooner booed but the Trump supporter and the President’s defense. I see two basic types of Trump supporters. The first scares […]

Why some people are more likely to end relationships over politics

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The divide in political ideology is drawing much attention lately as this election season raises these issues to a fever pitch. Lately I’ve read a series of articles and personal stories describing how people are ending personal relationships over political disagreements. One article reported a survey result that 15% of people reported recently ending a friendship due […]

Use an honest marketing system

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Stop using “sales tricks”. The words you use matter. I recently blasted a recruiter of a financial services firm for using an email template that started with a statement that simply was not true.  I pointed out how received the same false email generated from exactly the same sales template from several other firms that week […]