Colleges may stop offering CFP

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Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser brief writes “CFP controversy hits educators. College-level educators expect to see fallout from the CFP Board’s recent troubles over how advisers have been using the “fee-only” label. For one thing, it’s likely to hurt enrollment in CFP exam courses, one professor tells Financial Planning. Some educators are wondering if they […]

Summary of Supreme Court Ruling Impact on Married Same Sex Couples

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Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling affects legally married same sex couples living in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington, the District of Columbia and five Native American tribes. The ruling affects the following common financial planning issues: 1) transfer of property to a spouse during […]

Competition in the financial advice industry

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Ideas and core content from the Accenture report at Presumption: The wealth management landscape is becoming more crowded as players from adjacent industries enter the space. Accenture: “All financial institutions are trying to create a competitive offering within the context of ‘holistic financial services’ and ‘leading with advice’. They seek to leverage significant capabilities and extensive existing […]

Changing expectations of wealth management clients

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This excerpt comes from an Accenture publication under the sub-title “Changes in client expectations”, annotated by me: In an earlier time, the client/advisor relationship was based on the advisor’s near-monopoly on financial information (as when I started in the industry for Drexel Burnham in the early 1980s). “Do it yourself” options for portfolio management and securities […]

Tax planning notes for 2013

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Following are unformatted meeting notes from a Presentation by Al Klingan JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC in a meeting 11/8/2012 hosted by First Financial at the Philadelphia Union League. CURRENT LAW FOR 2013 (if no congressional action) All brackets rise CG rise to 20% Dividends 39.6% Deductions phase out Exemptions phaseout Social Security to 6.2% Additional 3.8% […]

Employers may be legally required to reduce 401(k) plan fees

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This excerpt on “What Plan Sponsors Can Learn from Tussey v. ABB, Inc.” comes from a marketing email from the 401(k) Coach Program. “The importance of understanding and upholding fiduciary duties is more critical than ever as recently demonstrated by the Tussey v. ABB, Inc. verdict. A judgment against ABB and its record keeper, administrator […]

Considering using Brand Advocates to market professional financial services

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This excerpt comes from Zuberance: “Brand Advocates are people who frequently recommend brands and products without being paid. Brand Advocates are a company’s most engaged, loyal, and valuable customers. Size: About one in four adults in the U.S. – about 60 million people – are Brand Advocates. Influence: Advocates are about 3X more trusted and influential than […]

Only 1% of financial advisers completely embrace fee-only service

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PriceMetrix research consultants report that only 1% of financial advisers have completely converted to fee-based services. 99% cling to the older commission-based approach despite overwhelming evidence that clients are surging to fee-based approach. I am quite surprised by this study; other indicators led me to believe that as much as 5% of financial advisers, especially […]