Defining trumpism

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There are easily more than a dozen definitions of trumpism published by online dictionaries. My motivation to post another stems from an observation that our nation’s current tensions may stem from a single simple belief. trumpism – the belief that we are entitled to more of the world’s resources, jobs, travel, prosperity and freedoms as […]

Five Ways I Support the Paris Accord

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A large majority of Americans support the goals of the Paris Accord. A fewer number, like me, take this support a step further by stating that the Paris Accord represents the most significant action that humankind has taken to preserve life on planet earth. We notice that the level of support for voluntary international efforts […]

Cities vote to support impeachment investigation

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I urge my hometown of Philadelphia to join other cities across the country like Los Angeles, Berkeley, Alameda, Richmond, Charlotte, Cambridge in passing a resolution to support for any legislative action to investigate Trump’s possible violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. We can not rely on federal government to complete an investigation of […]

Worst threat ever to your personal financial security

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It’s now been more than 30 years since I finished my formal business education in health care administration and more than 20 years since wrapping up tax law handling of health and welfare benefits. I’ve applied this training in an unusual manner to address consumer financial planning issues as an independent adviser rather than actually working within the health […]

Charging bull and defiant girl at the bayshore

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This sculpture exhibit and the associated story in Wall Street Journal this week perfectly symbolize for me where we stand today in the evolution of humanity. It strikes a chord with me personally having transitioned from Wall Street to environmental advocacy and now facing the threats of institutional power. This week the small business nonprofit […]

Allowable discrimination in small business operations

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There are no legal protections from discrimination in service based on political affiliation or expression A story in the New York Post raises an interesting legal point about allowable discrimination in small business management. When discussing the topic of discrimination in a small business setting it makes sense to first recognize the terms “legal discrimination and […]

Keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Independent

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In 2008 the United States suffered a previously unimaginable financial blow stemming from negligence, scandal and fraud at multiple levels of banking, Wall Street investment firms and government. We suffered but survived it by coming together, accepting the major financial setback to our lives, and taking steps to ensure that it did not happen again. One […]

Why we need drunk driving reform in New Jersey

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During this month ten years ago – March 2007 – the Cumberland County New Jersey prosecutor’s office processed charges against a 3rd offense drunk driver for attempted vehicular assault after he intentionally struck me and then fled the state to avoid prosecution. A Cumberland County grand jury later voted to indict the driver but he […]

America first is still a dumb idea

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This cartoon by Chad Crowe ran in The Wall Street Journal this week with an editorial that said that business leaders know that “America first” is the wrong approach but that they are being politely silent for fear of upsetting the administration. It’s been an obvious economic truth to me, and I do not have any […]

Republican attacks against labor unions

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Yesterday Pennsylvania labor unions became the latest to suffer a legislative setback Labor unions are under attack. Newly elected Republican governments around the country went to work this past month to weaken the unions exactly as they announced in the campaign season. While labor unions normally support Democratic pro-labor platforms, this year many unions and their […]