Sad goodbye to neighbor in the NJ Blue Acres program

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The individual stories of my neighbors involved in the Blue Acres buyout program are heartbreaking. I’m not blaming the state for the program. These are voluntary purchases; no one is forced to sell. But facing building code fines and violations after Sandy, many see this as their best option. Yet I don’t see how the state’s […]

Greenspan’s latest economic warning

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Yesterday Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan made some sharp comments in an interview on Fox News. I got the feeling this interview was meant as a sort of ‘final words of advice’ from perhaps the most influential economic leader of our era. Two points from the interview jump out at me. First, he says […]

CPAs’ role in the political process

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Within the next few weeks I expect to be involved in the filming of a video by the New Jersey Society of CPAs about the importance of CPAs’ legislative involvement. Here is the Illinois version of the same topic: While I’m not the filmmaker and am not in any position of charge of the […]

CPAs: “from crisis manager to opportunity director”

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The theme of this year’s New Jersey CPA convention is changing our primary roles and focus “from crisis manager to opportunity director”. My mantra over the past few years is that CPAs need to be the agents of change for today’s businesses. I’m looking forward to hearing more about what others are doing in this […]

The scary rise of fascism in 2016 politics

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Could the dire issues facing our nation now be any more clear? Remember that it was only a short time ago that Americans feared the impact of having a socialist in its highest elected office. I reflected on this issue on December 12; only 77 days ago. ( Yet that risk seems mild now compared to […]