New Jersey real estate tax credit program made simple

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This post attempts to list in simplified wording what we know and what we don’t know about New Jersey’s new real estate tax credit program. What we know: 1. In May of 2018 the tax credit program became law, even though most details of its operation were missing. 2. The program allows taxpayers to take […]

Downe Township government said to merge

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Update May 2019: The sources of this report of merger turned out to be inaccurate, at least so far in terms of it’s imminent timing. There are no other known sources of verification of this report. The township leadership continues to work toward sustainability and there are some signs of progress. A recent briefing from […]

10 reasons to not vote for Tony Novak

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This isn’t directly tax related but it might be critical to the planned local tax-free small business investment program. One of our angel investors wants me to run for local political office and might make his financial support dependent on it. With millions of public and private reinvestment on the line and local government facing […]

What small employers need to know about New Jersey’s sick leave law

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Update June 21: My friends at Workplace offered to extend an invitation to those in the Philadelphia region to a seminar at Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield NJ on Wednesday July 18th at 8am. Find more information at this Facebook event  or register online here. New Jersey just passed a sick leave law that affects […]

Is tax amnesty coming to New Jersey?

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Governor Murphy proposed a tax amnesty program in our state of New Jersey. All indications I’ve read indicate that the legislature will eventually authorize it. If you haven’t filed tax returns now is the time to plan a strategy to get ready for this program. I am please to speak with anyone confidentially or even […]

New Jersey CPAs weigh in on legislative priorities

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These are the legislative priorities of the members of the New Jersey Society of Certifies Public Accountants most recent member survey: Reducing property taxes Improving the state’s infrastructure — roads, bridges, tunnels and public transportation Converting public pensions to 401(k)s Auditing state agencies and programs for overspending, waste and revenue allocation Combining municipalities and/or school […]

Community-supported dock-to-table seafood launch

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Today I launched the Philadelphia area’s first (as far as we know) attempt at a community supported dock-to-table seafood venture for Nantuxent Seafood. The intent is to test the water on this concept that has worked well in other regional markets. If this initial small project is successful in gaining 150 supporters then I’m sure […]

The ultimate cost of opposing corruption

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In the spring of 2016 the world learned about the “Panama Papers”, more than a million leaked documents from powerful law firm Mossack Fonseca that showed money laundering and corruption of hundreds of the wealthiest families in the world. The leak report titled “The Revolution Will Be Digitised” exposed the ways that financial corruption is […]

The good news/bad news for New Jersey workers on Trump’s health care cuts

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Here are six key points for New Jersey workers following the 10/12/2017 Trump executive order on health care: Only 150,000 of the 9 million New Jersey residents, less than 2 percent of the state population, are affected by the Trump health care cut, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. New Jersey does not […]