No, you don’t get to face your accuser (Small business beware!)

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Anonymous whistleblower complaints are a powerful government force regularly used against small business owners. Over the weekend Donald Tump tweeted another indication of his misunderstanding of how government works. False Tweets from Trump are hardly noteworthy in themselves but this one hits a nerve for me. As a small business owner I’ve faced at least […]

A primer on the China tariffs

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What do you need to know as a consumer about about the China trade tariffs that starts today? This is a short bullet point summary. Legal background Tariffs are taxes authorized under Title 19 of U.S Code in 1930. The tax is based on Constitutional authority “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect […]

Twelve consumer product businesses to avoid

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These twelve companies sell to consumers; meaning there is usually a consumer market choice to be made. They made the list either for supporting the current national political regime or for unrelenting damage to the environment. I won’t buy from any of them and I hope that you don’t either. Home Depot Chick-fil-A Anheuser-Busch CVS […]

Legal requirements to release the tax returns of candidates for public office

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In the aftermath of revelations about the president’s financial scandals, a number of states are moving forward with bills that would require all candidates for public office to release tax returns in order to be listed on the ballot. This blog post does not attempt to list the states, the bills or their status. We […]

Reframing the language of leadership: words that matter

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Words supported by action matter more in leadership than anything else. Economics, money, tax policy and other topics often visited in this blog pale to the importance of the credible and meaningful words in our leadership conversations. We now face a critical choice defined by the words we choose to use in that public conversation. […]

When do I get my tax refund?

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The IRS begins accepting tax returns and processing refunds next Tuesday January 29. I can prepare and submit your tax return for e-file acceptance before then but it essentially sits in an electronic waiting list until the 29th. See for information on getting started with an early tax return filing. The first tax returns […]

At one month, panic is setting in as we learn what government shutdown really means

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The federal government shutdown is affecting an increasing number of my small business and individual clients in ways we never expected or anticipated. All indications are that these problems will get worse before the situation gets better. I am scheduling calls this week to address contingency and emergency plans with those most affected. I don’t […]

Tax fraud case with the highest implications

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A high profile multi-million dollar international tax fraud case (Unites States vs. Natalia Veselnitskaya 18 CRIM 904)  took a dark turn last week then a sealed indictment by federal prosecutors was revealed to the public. To be clear, this tax fraud case does not involve anyone in U.S. government. Yet this case brought special attention because […]