A shift in social media propaganda

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Something amazing happened in social media this week. For months I’ve ranted about the string of outrageous lies published by a small group of Republican online propaganda generators that were picked up and parroted by some lawmakers and GOP groups. Each time I read something outrageous I asked myself “How can they get away with […]

Tax Cuts And Jobs Act: simply a bad idea for our nation

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is a unique forum where the governments of 34 democracies with market economies work with each other, as well as with more than 70 non-member economies to promote economic growth, prosperity, and sustainable development. It’s latest report shows the underlying fallacies of the current U.S. tax reform […]

Small businesses join forces to defeat tax reform proposal

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As we approach the final weeks of Congressional voting for 2017, small business groups are banding together to oppose the tax reform plan that favors the wealthiest few with more than a Trillion dollars of tax cuts they don’t need while putting the nation much deeper into debt. These groups have announced opposition to the […]

Five simple tweets to defeat this terrible tax reform bill

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Americans have an opportunity this week show that  a strong majority of us are united in opposing this scam deceivingly labeled the labeled the “Tax Cuts and Job Act” by influencing the vote of a few swing vote Republican Senators. I described this in more detail in earlier blog posts. The points below mention just a […]

US citizens were sold out by 227 deplorables today

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Today is a sad day for our nation. 227 elected Republican party congressmen voted to support a bill that cuts the taxes of the wealthiest 1% by Trillions of dollars and increases taxes for many low income people. Even more shocking, the voted to increase the national debt by an an amount that we cannot […]

Just say NO to tax reform that increases public debt

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What they told you: “The average family will save $1,182 a year under our Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” What they didn’t tell you: The cost of the massive public debt incurred by giving away almost $2 Trillion to the top 1% will hurt you far more than the measly $1,182 tax savings. The wealthy pay […]

How to defeat tax reform (short version)

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(This is the short version of a longer blog post.) Here are two easy ways to help defeat this proposed tax reform legislation: 1. Contact these seven Senators on Twitter to voice your concerns: Lisa Murkowski @lisamurkowski John McCain @SenJohnMcCain Jeff Flake @JeffFlake Rand Paul @RandPaul Susan Collins @SenatorCollins Bob Corker @SenBobCorker Ron Johnson   @SenRonJohnson […]

The clear and simple path to defeat this tax reform bill

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**A short version of this blog post is posted here.** The post was updated 11/15 to reflect Senator Johnson’s opposition. Republicans in Congress have an obligation to their ultra-wealthy backers to pass a tax reform package that the majority of Americans do not want. While most of us recognize that tax reform is a good thing and […]

18 reasons to oppose the tax reform bill

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The U.S. Congressional tax reform plan is still evolving and its effects are still under analysis. Yet it is already easy to take a stand against the bill form a high level analysis of public policy principles as outlined in #1 to #5 below. Objections to specific effects on taxpayers are listed starting at #6. […]

Effect of election on NJ small businesses

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New Jersey is now the seventh state where Democrats control both the executive and legislative branches. What does that mean for us with small businesses here? This is more than just a local wall against trumpism. It directly translates to increased tension and a lack of coöperation between the federal and state government. The news […]