How to handle shock health insurance increases

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Today’s Wall Street Journal brought the confirmation that most health insurance advisers already suspected. Medical care utilization under the new Obamacare policies is at record levels. The coming rate increases of high health insurance renewal rates for 2015 and 2016 will pose a financial shock to policyholders. But if you believe as I do that “We have to […]

South Jersey economy predicted 5th worst in the U.S.

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  A study released last Friday by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and HIS Global Insight predicts that for the rest of this decade the Atlantic City/Hammonton region will have one of the slowest economic growth rates of the entire United States. The study did not include predictions for the more rural regions of southwest […]

Renewable energy report shows progress but overall weak prospects for U.S.

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Despite the rosy captions in the “Renewables 2014 Global Status Report” the actual data about renewable energy in the U.S. is quite bleak. It was easy for me to conclude from this report that the U.S. is actually headed toward a nuclear energy future. This is not because nuclear is so superior to renewables but rather that […]

Whole life insurance revisited

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One of the most maddening topics for me as an adviser has been whole life insurance for working class clients. It is clear that whole life insurance is the #1 financial vehicle of choice for the “top 5 percenters” in the wealth scale, often through the corporate entities that they control, but what about the […]

My response to messages of bigotry on Facebook

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I’ve noticed an unfortunate increase in hate messages spreading on Facebook. These messages tend to be spread by people who might characterize themselves as politically unsophisticated; that is, they likely didn’t fully consider the meaning or social consequence of the message they are spreading through a simple action of a “like”. Yet the world’s greatest […]

Spying on Amercians pays off with arrest of two Chesapeake watermen

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Those who feared that expansion of surveillance for national security reasons would eventually cross legal boundaries and be used in other law enforcement now have tangible proof. CBS Baltimore reports that Homeland Security cameras and radar systems were used to arrest two oyster poachers in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s now only a short legal jump […]