In memory of alums who made the ultimate sacrifice

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Last Friday afternoon I visited the campus of Delaware Valley College, my alma mater, in Doylestown Pennsylvania. I happened, by chance, to spend a few quiet minutes reflecting at the veteran’s memorial outside Allman Building while strolling the quiet campus. As a freshman at DVC 34 years ago I walked by this memorial every day. I was aware that the […]

Mauro DUI case dismissal (with a focus on those issues that affect other NJ citizens)

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I am now being asked for more information and explanation on this recent high-profile DUI case in Cumberland County NJ and I want to be sure to separate the case facts from my comments and opinions. Here are the basic facts about the case as I know them: 1) Cumberland County NJ Assistant County prosecutor Harrison Waters […]

Applebee’s America reading notes

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– by Douglas Sosnik, Matthew Dowd, Ron Fornier 2006 – “A How To book on fooling the public”  p 218 Gut Values Connections “it’s not issues that count but gut values connections” Life Targeting It’s the Lifestyle Stupid Navigators and Influentials Religion of business; Corporations infecting faith Lloyd Hill of Applebee’s: Emotional investment in people […]

The problem with Facebook IPO

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This quotation from a Facebook advertiser summarizes the difficulty Facebook will face in maintaining market value as a public company. “We still don’t have a huge correlation between Facebook fans and return on investment in an actual sales in store. Until that metric becomes a lot more solid, I don’t think our company or other […]

Odetta’s birthday December 31, 1930

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Please take a few minutes today to consider Odetta who would have been 80 years old today but passed away in late 2008. She is among the most powerful, most inspirational and most-respected role models in American culture over more than six decades. It seems that every artist and leader of our generation was influenced […]

Overwhelmingly pessimistic health care news

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I’ve covered consumer health care finance issues for over 25 years. I focus on reporting real solutions from current events in order to be part of the solution rather than add to the overwhelming amount of negative information that dominates the media. In all this time, I’ve always had plenty to write about. Yet tonight, after perusing all of […]

Spin on “junk health insurance”

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My writing this week illustrated the power of language in the most simple and classic form. I know when I’ve hit a nerve because of the number of complaints generated; it is an unfortunate fact in the political world that those who cannot directly combat free speech will attack through another means. By that measure, a sudden wave […]