List of Pennsylvania Local Tax Collection Districts (2018)

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Pennsylvania currently has 70 local tax districts. The tax collector for each district splits the tax, where applicable, between the school district and the local municipality. In some cases there may be a local tax where you live (for example, a 1% earned income tax) and a different tax (for example, a local services tax) […]

2nd amendment repeal: political mission impossible

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1) The US Constitution did not intend to protect the rights of mentally deranged individuals to own modern weapons with massive firepower. 2) The only possible way to effectively address gun violence is to repeal the second amendment. Anything else is a band-aid. 3) I have been a NRA member and gun owner but now […]

The second largest threat to Pennsylvania small business

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Let’s be clear: Legal and illegal immigration accounts for a huge part of the region’s economic progress. The difference between legal and illegal immigration in our region is not “border jumping” but expired visas – just paperwork that the federal government need to fix. Most undocumented workers came here legally and continue to support our […]