QuickBooks “Pay Bills Online” (New feature)

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I just set up and tested the internal “Pay Bills Online” feature of QuickBooks. Actually this is an integration between QuickBooks and Bill.com. The benefit is that bills can be paid without leaving the accounting software. (Prior to this I had to pay bills on my bank web site and then enter the payments manually […]

Online Banking with Chase/Intuit

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Chase Bank, the last large bank to resist automated online integration with customer accounting software, announced a deal with Intuit, the nation’s largest consumer and small business software firm. Now customers can automatically reconcile accounts, analyze performance reports, prepare tax filings and make bank transactions from a single secure software with little effort and without the […]

How I “wowed” a small business accounting client today

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I don’t think that small business accountants have many opportunities to “wow” a client. Marketers would probably say I am short-selling myself on this opportunity and that I could find more ways to impress if I really looked for these opportunities. I get it. But the reality is that daily life of a small business […]

How to invite me to view your QuickBooks Online accounts

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Log into QuickBooks Online as either the Master Administrator or Company Administrator. Click on the gear icon, located in the top-right corner. Within the Your Company section, click Manage Users. From within the Manage Users page, click the Invite Accountant button. In the mini interview that appears, enter email address tony@tonynovak.com into the Accountant’s email […]

Accounting Software

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Update: QuickBooks Online version addressed all of my concerns and is less expensive than any other option. I consider the issue resolved. I suffered a calamity with my local accounting software last month which led me to consider options to QuickBooks. QuickBooks is such a dominant software in the small business market that in the […]