Unwanted robo calls from TripAdvisor

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I’ve received and blocked so many unwanted robo calls from TripAdvisor and others recently that it seems unrealistic that they could possibly be calling from so many different numbers. I’ve likely blocked close to 50 numbers based on calls in the past two months; almost one per day. I decided that beginning today I will […]

The ‘dumbing down’ of the accounting industry

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I’ve become more concerned with the ‘dumbing down’ of sectors of the accounting industry. Hardly a day goes by when I’m not solicited with advertisements about how to become a millionaire running an accounting practice without any accounting skills. Likewise my online group for tax advisers and planners is swamped with requests from people who […]

Collapse of the democratic rulemaking process

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Never in our lifetime has the will of the people mattered less than this month. We know that over 75% of Americans oppose the tax bill being pushed by a small group of Republican oligarchs. Today the federal government repealed net neutrality rules that, as far as we can tell, is an action opposed by […]

Two new digital consumer scams

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It seems that the number of ways consumers face financial risk online is expanding rapidly. No matter what we measures we take to protect ourselves, it seems that professional online scams are one step ahead of us. An online conversation tonight with a business friend triggered my to recall two recent suspected consumer frauds. I say […]

Chase Bank is not affiliated with Freedom Benefits

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I am responding to a telephone caller who presumed that my trademarked business name Freedom Benefits was associated with a credit card program apparently offered by Chase Bank. Over the years I’ve received a number of calls from consumers and even one from the FBI years ago investigating consumer reports of someone using the name in an […]

Propaganda 101

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Follow these three simple rules to maximize the effectiveness of your propaganda message: Craft a message that people want to hear. This is most important; far more important than telling the truth. Make it about growth and prosperity, patriotism and glory. Never succumb to the less optimistic assessment of the better educated or scientific community. Stick to […]

Unregistered charity soliciting public donations

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As a small business accountant working with nonprofit organizations I frequently find deficiencies in their accounting or legal filings. Minor oversights are commonplace and I’m pretty good at getting them resolved before they cause too much of a problem. But I’ve never come across such an egregious situation as a multi-million dollar nonprofit organization soliciting […]