The latest on internet security

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I’m disappointed with the reporting of internet security issues this week. This divisive world of fake news the latest political action and public reaction only muddies the core issues. It appears that few news reporters and even fewer readers have an understanding of the issue. Overall, it seems fair to say that there has been […]

Security upgrade for WordPress hosted small business web site

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This week I noticed an apparent attempted brute force attack on this web site with over 10,000 blocked log-in attempts. This caused me to question and re-evaluate my data management plan and Privacy and Security protocols. This review is for my own satisfaction only, these is no indication that any of my systems or data have […]

College Pro Bookkeepers

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CPA-supervised college students handle remote accounting with great advantages to small business owners. In 1971 a college student named Greig Clark founded College Pro Painters, giving other college students a chance to pay for their schooling and to secure post-graduation careers. I recall that their story was part of the early advertising message and I […]

Drive encryption (or file encryption) revisited

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I just read a pretty good article written for attorneys recommending drive encryption on laptop PCs and mobile devices. The basis of the recommendation is the assumption that attorneys have sensitive private information on those devices that is at risk when they are working “on the go”. This prompted me to read a few more articles […]

Change to Privacy and Security Agreement

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I made some changes to my privacy and security statements and will now request that new clients affirmatively acknowledge and accept the agreement before I make any other follow-up communication. Part of the reason is to emphasize my reliance of text, email, video conferences and document portals. Surprisingly, I still get calls from people who say […]

Nonprofits and small businesses lack security measures

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I started the week by reviewing IRS’s publication about guarding taxpayer data. The publication is meant for tax firms but the concepts apply to all organizations that handle sensitive data. Last week I reviewed an accounting firm’s operations and, for the second time this year, declined to work with a service provider solely on the […]

Security warning about Symantec and Norton antivirus

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This week the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) have issued a statement that all Symantec and Norton branded antivirus products contain multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system. All client data and accounting systems under […]