Tax stress?

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This is the time of year when IRS and state auditors pick up the pace of sending out examination notices and this causes some people a lot of stress. I’ve heard plenty of stories about how a person lost sleep or couldn’t enjoy their weekend worrying about the IRS letter. Only one in four of these […]

Support for Turbotax users

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For many years I’ve promoted the concept that most people should be able to file their own tax return without outside help. In cases where the taxes are based on salaried income, investment income and other well-documented sources, it makes sense to file your own taxes online and the process can be completed in less time […]

Best tax shelters for 2017

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Will this be the year that you reduce or eliminate your federal income taxes? I’ve helped reduce taxes for clients with income income ranging from $50,000 to $4,300,000. There are plenty of legal and well-proven tax shelters available to taxpayers in every category. The top ten most common tax avoidance strategies are covered here. Tax […]

When is it worthwhile to challenge a tax demand?

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Is it worthwhile for a taxpayer to dispute a demand from the IRS or state tax authority for additional tax payment?  Does the expected savings resulting from a tax case justify the cost of the dispute process? The answer, we might suspect, it that “it  depends”. It depends on the type of demand, the amount and the dispute process that is […]

What they don’t tell you about Office 365 for Business Premier

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In September 2016 Microsoft improved the features its flagship Office platform offering for business clients. The reviews are impressive. I was having trouble with my Google for Work account at that time that I wrote about in another blog post. Microsoft Office is the platform of choice for the majority of financial service firms and nonprofit […]

Self-employed dental insurance

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Most self-employed people have medical insurance but relatively few have dental insurance. Medical insurance is required by law but dental insurance is not. In the past, small business health insurance plans often included dental insurance as an option. These plans were eliminated by the Affordable Care Act. Even just a few years into implementation of […]