Coping with loss of security in the gig economy

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Forbes published an article yesterday on the important topic of the gig economy and, in general, the loss of financial security and employment benefits that accompanies this trend. This is a huge issue in out lives that, in my opinion, is not getting nearly the attention required by advisers like me. It is foolish for […]

QuickBooks Self-employed revisited

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This month I took a fresh look at QuickBooks Self-employed version. As much as I want to endorse and offer this platform for self-employed individuals, I can not. The simple reason is that Intuit does not support this product under the same platform as other QuickBooks products. I find the support to be inefficient, unprofessional […]

One QuickBooks Online account for multiple small businesses

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A client wants to upgrade his bookkeeping system to QuickBooks Online but was resistant to opening a separate QuickBooks account for each of his small companies. Through a fast screen share, I was able to show him how I use my own QuickBooks account to run several businesses that each report to a separate tax […]

The most important tax tip of the year

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Take advantage of the most generous part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, known as Section 199A by; 1) Exploring whether your business CAN benefit, and 2) Settling protocol to make sure that your business DOES qualify based on the 184 pages of proposed regulations just released this month. The important thing is to […]

The Tax Savings Blog is moving toward podcast format

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I’ve toyed with “multi-media” formats for several years, not really knowing what this term means, what my goals are, and how to make a plan to get there. The NJCPA offered their studio and produced a few segments and I’ve tried Facebook Live, YouTube and Vimeo. This week I’m moving forward with podcasting with more […]

Standard basic pricing for QuickBooks Online

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2019 update: Intuit corporation announced retail rate increases for its QuickBooks products. The rates in this article are now out-of-date. Rates remain the same (for now) for subscriptions contracted through a ProAdvisor but may increase in the future. Once a subscription is started, the rate is ‘locked in’ for the life of the account. This […]

Who benefits the most from tax planning?

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Our tax laws provide more opportunity to some people than others. I find that some people can save tens of thousands of dollars with little effort through active tax planning while others might save only a thousand dollars or so. Obviously these high impact people are the ones that tax planners like me want to […]

First five strategies to deal with the new tax law

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My action plan for bringing actionable information to clients as soon as the tax bill becomes law. Update December 31, 2017: Major parts of the law become effective tomorrow. I’ve moved past most of the preliminary points in this article and am now focused on the actions that can make the most immediate impact on […]

Facebook Live: “30 Minutes to Faster, Easier, Cheaper Small Business Accounting”

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Look for online announcements of upcoming presentations. I will be hosting a series of free, short, fast-paced online programs for small business owners, self-employed folks and part-time freelancers. The intent is to help us prepare to save time and money on tax accounting in 2018. It will be Facebook Live presentation with the ability to […]