Why the changes to NJ S4202 ( employee vs contractor) are no big deal

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Keep it simple: if you primarily provide your labor to someone for pay then you are an employee. If you run a licensed business, with typical business features like a business plan, advertising, business insurance, and pay business taxes then you likely work as an independent contractor. I’m aware that some people are making a […]

Technology opens the door to nonprofit success

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Rapidly evolving business technology makes it easier, faster and less expensive for a nonprofit organization to pursue its goals. Technology can help spread the message, recruit new supporters and board members, expand the target audience and deepen communications within the stakeholder groups. But every new technology should be vetted for consideration of how it will […]

Verizon Wireless cellular data throttling revisited

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Today the news coverage of ATT’s $60 million fine for deliberately throttling cellular internet data raises new questions for me. I’ve covered the same issue with Verizon Wireless in detail here on my blog for years. The most recent blog post documenting the problem is here. Verizon Wireless admits to the practice of deliberate throttling. […]

A workers’ compensation insurance primer for small businesses

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In the past many small businesses avoided carrying workers’ compensation insurance. In the future, more small firms will carry this insurance. This blog post is meant for small employers who are facing this issue for the first time. This is a big risk facing the smallest unsuspecting employers. What is changing? State laws have always […]

Accounting services engagement agreement – updated 11/2019

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Thank you for choosing me to help you with your accounting. This client accounting services agreement is meant to encompass one or more of the four areas of small business financial management: TRANSACTIONAL SERVICES including bookkeeping, payroll, and bill payment COMPLIANCE SERVICES including tax preparation, audits, reviews, and financial reporting OUTSOURCED CFO SERVICES including financing, […]

Lenovo Thinkpad T-580: one year review of a solid notebook computer

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A little more than a year ago I purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad T580 notebook computer and by now I now have at least a thousand hours of use on it. I reviewed it last October in another log post here. This is a short bullet point update of that review now, a year later. No doubt, this […]

Why hourly billing rates are a bad idea in small business accounting

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This excerpt below comes from a 10/23/2019 article in Accounting Today by Loren Fogelman titled “Your Hourly Rate is Unfair to You and Your Clients”. It echos and reaffirms many of the concepts I’ve used to develop my Pricing Policy. An Hourly Rate Creates Tension Clients closely watch the clock when you charge for your […]

Edge vs. Chrome for small business

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I am considering switching from Chrome to Edge as a primary business browser on Windows 10 machines. Security will be the highest consideration in the decision with privacy, speed and resource consumption also important issues. No decision is made yet. One thing is clear: the two were not even close until the most recent fall […]

How comfortable are you with your small business’ online security?

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  We already know that a large portion of cyber attacks reportedly target small businesses. SCORE put out a useful summary report earlier this year and this article by People Driven Solutions gives a good overview. CURRENT STANDARDS What should we do about it? Most of my clients follow these basics standards: Keep software up […]