New Jersey payroll services

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I offer these small business payroll services in New Jersey: Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, twice a month, or as manually requested payroll schedule New Jersey Employer Report of Wages Paid (NJ WR-30) New Jersey Employer’s Quarterly Report (NJ-927) New Jersey Employer’s Quarterly Report for Weekly Filers (NJ-927W) New Jersey Submitter Form NJ-ERW2-S New Jersey Annual Withholding […]

Predicting success of small business crowdfunding campaigns

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The ability to forecast success of a proposed crowdfunding campaign is becoming more important in the practice of advising small businesses today in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. I spend an increasing portion of my available reading time on this topic, including a book on my iPad right now “Social Startup Success” by Kathleen […]

Why are tax writers missing the #1 tax-saving opportunity?

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“The perfect tax plan or tax shelter, if such a thing exists, would allow us to do most or all of these things: receive or gain control money without paying taxes, take a tax deduction for the amount invested, allow that money to grow and accumulate without paying taxes, and then allow us to disperse, […]

Does Pennsylvania sales tax apply?

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The best official publication for determining if sales and use tax applies is this “Retailer’s Information” guide from the Commonwealth. For help setting up sales tax in QuickBooks Online, just call for on site or remote setup help or for help setting up desktop version see this article by Charlie Russell.

QuickBooks Online for law firms

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Intuit corporation will release record high earnings this week that surpass stock market analysts’ expectations. The driving force is the success of QuickBooks Online, a product used by almost 4 million small businesses. The number of businesses subscribing to QuickBooks Online is growing quickly as businesses move from the desktop version, just as management predicted. […]

A business cannot deduct personal auto expense

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Again today a business owner asked me to deduct his auto mileage expense on his business tax return. That’s not how it works! A partnership, S-Corp or C-Corp generally can not deduct the cost of personal auto expense. There are workarounds but we need to discuss and actually set it up. I covered the topic […]

Employee vs contractor; more misclassification risks

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“Employee misclassification is a major issue. Employers who misclassify employees are failing to provide unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation. Those employers can also leave workers with large employment tax liabilities.“ This new article delivers information on even more risks. Correct handling of worker compensation is not so difficult or expensive. It doesn’t make sense to shortcut this […]

Should I convert from an S Corp to C corp?

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The majority of my business-oriented blog posts here take on a complex topic and re-frame the subject it in more simplistic terms for the purpose of opening a discussion from the perspective of small business management. This is exactly the purpose of this blog post. There is no attempt here to capture or even summarize […]

Platinum Level QuickBoooks ProAdvisor

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Did you see the episode of ABC sitcom “Modern Family” where Jay and the family visit Mandalay Bay? In the story line, Jay learns there is an even better high level accommodation than the resort penthouse suite he booked so he becomes obsessed with trying to upgrade, only to learn that there are still higher levels […]

QuickBooks Self-employed revisited

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This month I took a fresh look at QuickBooks Self-employed version. As much as I want to endorse and offer this platform for self-employed individuals, I can not. The simple reason is that Intuit does not support this product under the same platform as other QuickBooks products. I find the support to be inefficient, unprofessional […]