New small business employee benefit plan

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I am pleased to introduce Freedom Benefits’ new small business flexible consumer driven employee benefit plan for 2018. Three new features are incorporated immediately: 1) Increased opportunities to waive the setup and advisory fees by working through an affiliate accountant or agent, 2) increased range of insurance options to include non-ACA compliant health insurance, and […]

Online trends for my small business

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I periodically review web traffic and related trends for my small business. This is what I see today: Two out of three web site visitors are still desktop/Chrome/Windows users. The second largest group (about 15%) are iphone/iOS/Apple Mac users. Three out of four web site visitors come from links, mostly my own social media. One […]

Reflections on the standard of professional skepticism

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One of the very few things I personally dislike about being a CPA is a requirement known as “professional skepticism”. As much as my innate personality leads me to act in the role of an optimist, a cheerleader, supporter and an eternal promoter of general positive thoughts, the professional responsibility requires me to objectively weigh […]

How to establish a ‘No hate’ policy for your small businesses

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updated July 19, 2017 We’ve reached a point in our national discourse when it has become clear that even small business owners may need to establish clear anti-hate policies for employees, customers and visitors. While there are no standardized procedures for this process, this blog post suggests a few points to get started.   Action […]

Summary: where do we stand with 2018 health plans?

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UPDATE 8/17/2017: Yesterday the Trump administration announced that it would not follow through with the president’s political threat to cancel insurance company subsidy payments. That appears to add stability to the markets and allows small businesses and self-employed individuals to be more confident in health care planning for 2018. With all the recent political posturing, it […]

Make small business payroll service pay for itself

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Recently I published a series of short blog posts on the topic of payroll processing for small businesses. In summary, I’ve suggested that today’s automated payroll services are a fantastic value but that coördination and oversight by a small business compensation professional helps avoid problems and penalties that stem from miscommunication. I’ve suggested that the […]

Small Business Payroll Services

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I see plenty of room for improvement is small business payroll processing. About 2 in 5 of all small businesses eventually wind up with problems and penalties due to payroll tax errors. The issue can usually be avoided by ensuring that service is provided by a reputable payroll service that is supervised by a responsible […]

How to cope with threatened sabotage of health care financing

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Three strategies for small business health plans On Friday July 28 and Saturday July 29 president Trump and his press spokesperson made a series of statements indicating that he planned to sabotage a financial pillar health care system by revoking government funding for the insurance premiums working class people. The president’s actions are admittedly motivated by politics. […]