A shift in social media propaganda

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Something amazing happened in social media this week. For months I’ve ranted about the string of outrageous lies published by a small group of Republican online propaganda generators that were picked up and parroted by some lawmakers and GOP groups. Each time I read something outrageous I asked myself “How can they get away with […]

Five simple tweets to defeat this terrible tax reform bill

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Americans have an opportunity this week show that  a strong majority of us are united in opposing this scam deceivingly labeled the labeled the “Tax Cuts and Job Act” by influencing the vote of a few swing vote Republican Senators. I described this in more detail in earlier blog posts. The points below mention just a […]

Three evolving types of fake Facebook friend requests

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I’ve noticed three distinct types of fake Facebook friend requests that evolved over time. The current word being used to describe these is “bot”. We really don’t have any way of knowing if there are real people behind these requests or if they are completely machine-generated. For our online security purposes, it does not matter […]

NJ flood news dominates my web traffic

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A review of my web site traffic for the past month indicates that the four heaviest traffic days featured new posts describing the effects of flooding at the Delaware Bay in New Jersey. These accounted for more web site visits than any other topic. A month ago I reported that state and country sources independently confirmed […]

Online trends for my small business

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I periodically review web traffic and related trends for my small business. This is what I see today: Two out of three web site visitors are still desktop/Chrome/Windows users. The second largest group (about 15%) are iphone/iOS/Apple Mac users. Three out of four web site visitors come from links, mostly my own social media. One […]

Trends in my blog traffic: strengths and weaknesses

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I noticed a simple but striking pattern in the popularity and readership of my blog posts over the past year and thought I would share here for what it may be worth to others. The traffic report is compiled by Jetpack as a WordPress add-in for traffic on about 1,300 blog posts recorded since November […]

My most popular tax planning blog posts in December 2016

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I had four tax planning blog posts draw more than 200 unique viewers in the month of December 2016. The average number of viewers is about 50 for the total pool of 38 blog posts I made last month so the 200 viewer figure is statistically significant as an indicator that something is working better than […]

I am a racist

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Yesterday a business associate called me a racist online. It’s a first in 30+ years of published social activism that began with opinion pieces published as a college newspaper columnist and editor. I replied that I think all of us are predisposed to racial bias in our environment. I am quite aware of this bias in my […]