Networking vs. Partnering: An accountant’s effort to balance the flow of new business prospects

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One of my two marketing goals* for 2016 is to get away from networking and move toward partnering. Specifically, I am determined to avoid repeating the 2015 disaster where I gave out over 80 business referrals but received zero in return. The concept of “networking partner” and “referral partner” have entered the conversation lately. I […]

OnlineNavigator in 2016

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For more than 30 years I’ve addressed consumer finance questions related to health insurance planning. It started as an effort to market my young financial planning practice in a local newspaper back in 1983 and is now an online social media activity through the trademark OnlineNavigator. I’ve lost count of how many thousands of consumer […]

No more Mr. Nice Guy on lack of internet in Cumberland County

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One of my New Year’s resolutions is to finally bring high-speed internet to our rural community in Cumberland County 50 miles south of center city Philadelphia. For years I’ve been engaged in polite letter writing and political lobbying efforts with no tangible result. The efforts of our community leaders like Meghan Wren and State Senator […]

Web traffic trends at

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This is the mid-month report of all organic web traffic data for the 30 days ending 11/15/2015. is the largest single source of traffic but other sites and blogs contribute including those under the name Freedom Benefits. Number of visitors My total web user traffic including the web sites and blogs is 150-200 on […]

Testing a new tool to convert web visitors to prospects

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This week I will start a new social media marketing strategy that is designed to convert web site visitors to live discussions and new business leads. Of course I don’t know if it will work but am sharing the plan here in hopes of triggering some feedback and additional ideas. Background My web sites attract […]

Tax practice in an environment of non-compliance

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Around noon yesterday I posted a short social media comment about how busy I was finishing up corporate tax returns. A guy who had previously asked about accounting services before saw the post and decided this would be a good time to call me and ask a series of questions about having me take over his small business tax accounting. […]