Insight into Facebook as a small business social media tool

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Here is an insight I picked up this weekend about Facebook’s small business media distribution policy: One of my Facebook friends Laura Jane Hawley recently posted two announcements a few days apart about her business’ participation in a local home show. Both post included interesting photos and a brief one line mention about the show. […]

Five Things I’ve Learned From Tax Preparers

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Last month I joined an online discussion group of tax preparers. My past experience is that every online discussion group has its own personality and you don’t know the tone of the group until you really get involved. This is my first year preparing tax returns after being completely out of the field for 9 […]

Facebook Messenger for Income Tax Filing

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Facebook Messenger is the dominant instant messaging service used by younger adults who increasingly use their cell phone as the primary device for electronic communications. It is possible to combine use this platform to combine various forms of communications including voice, text, video, photo and image documents. I’ve focused the development of an online income tax […]

Testing small business social media marketing message for CPA/benefits practice

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Today I plan to test this new social media marketing message on a sample of my small business owner connections. It is meant to incorporate the components of the advice I’m reading lately on how to do this type of social media marketing. I deliberately tried to include an immediacy point, a focus on the reader, […]

Explosion in mush and junk online content

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We’ve seen an explosion in the volume of online content in two areas: “mush content” and “junk content”. Mush content is the type of writing you see in the “Pulse” section of LinkedIn. The point is typically to promote yourself with a generic feel-good publication. It is politically correct and typically designed to appeal to […]

What I learned this week

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I’ve adopted the habit of summarizing the things I’ve learned over the past week and posting a short note here on my personal blog. Normally I write this on Sunday but I was happy to spend yesterday at Cape May NJ walking through the Christmas displays. Several of the things I’ve learned this week focus […]

Dealing with a new Freedom Benefits trademark scam

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Internet scams are nothing new. We face all kinds today. Successful business brands face a unique type of scamming from people who want to capitalize from the good will and organic web traffic that a popular business or product name generates. Each year I find the need to defend against a handful of these problems. Some […]

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the NJSCPA forum

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A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. That’s the NJ Society of Certified Public Accountant’s online discussion forum. I was involved in an online discussion about the unauthorized practice of law and how that affected me. What I discovered instead was how rapidly the positions of the U.S. bar associations have changed, […]

Sources of my Freedom Benefits Web traffic

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Over 85% of my collective Web visitors – typically 300 to 500 unique visitor per day – come from organic Google searches. The remainder come from a wider range of sources and referrers. It is interesting that the volume of traffic from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is almost identical, a handful of people from each […]