Tax planning engagement letter for individual clients (revised)

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Update in September 2015: I am no longer using this letter. The new version is shorter, more segmented, and is in a format intended to be delivered by email and not on paper or PDF. The collaboration section is now simplified and changed. I am working on updating and expanding my tax planning engagement letter for […]

How I inadvertently contributed to incorrect tax treatment of HRAs

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Imagine that you are a mechanic and someone walks into your shop and asks you to put wings on his Honda Civic. You might say, “That’s silly, Civic’s don’t fly” and dismiss the request. Then three more owners walk in with the same question. You think about it some more and say “Well, it might look […]

New CPA Office Makes a Value Offer for 2014 Tax Preparation

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I am pleased to announce the launch my tax return preparation practice for the 2014 tax season. I am prepared with the most advanced software, qualified support staff and ready to handle electronic filing for all types of individual and small business tax returns anywhere in the U.S. In order to reduce the risk that […]

Disagreements about taxation of individual health insurance in 2014

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It seems that the most confusing tax topic this year in the wake of the Affordable Care Act implementation is the taxation of individual health insurance when an employer is involved in the payment of the cost. No doubt other confusing issues are still on the horizon, but this one is here and now. Small business […]

Tax planning: keep priorities in focus to ensure success

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“When a CPA simply files your tax return and doesn’t provide strategic tax planning or advice, you may not be getting your money’s worth.” – Forbes I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, far too often our priorities get buried in the pace of business today. Financial planning is muddled, tax planning opportunities are missed, and tax return […]

Investing an inheritance

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Yesterday I handled a consumer question about investing an inheritance and published the Q&A after-the-fact. The amount of money being passed to the baby boomer generation is phenomenal and it is a huge impact on many people’s lifetime financial success. One recent study by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicated almost 1 in 3  American households […]

A closer look at the self-employed health insurance tax deduction

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The self-employed health insurance deduction seems simple at first glance but can trigger tricky questions when dealing with the details. Unlike other business expenses and itemized deductions, this is a separate deduction taken on the first page of the Form 1040 tax return. Because of its “above the line” status this deduction can be more valuable […]