How to handle income tax debt

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There are three basic strategies for handling past-due income tax debt: Offer in compromise Payoff over time Dismissal in bankruptcy The only way to appropriately access these options is to take a ‘big picture’ view of your overall financial status and expectations in light of specific IRS program requirements. It is never easy but most […]

Primer on Tax Transcripts

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In this age we know that information is power. Tax transcripts are increasingly important for providing primary information to efficiently handle federal tax issues. As a tax adviser, I find that the level of federal tax information available to clients is poor and is often dominated by misinformation and misunderstanding. Tax transcripts give us the most […]

Fixing TurboTax Returns

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I support TurboTax users who prepare their own ta returns and covered this topic last in a February blog post titled “Support for TurboTax Users“. This is not a common service offered by CPAs or professional tax preparers but it works for me simply because I often wind up developing a work relationship in other areas. At this time […]

Tax stress?

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This is the time of year when IRS and state auditors pick up the pace of sending out examination notices and this causes some people a lot of stress. I’ve heard plenty of stories about how a person lost sleep or couldn’t enjoy their weekend worrying about the IRS letter. Only one in four of these […]

Sample Tax Services Agreement

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Each year I’ve modified my tax services engagement agreement as circumstances and technologies change. This is the current version of the individual tax service engagement agreement. The primary goal of the engagement agreement remains the same: to document our mutual understanding or the work to be performed in a plainly worded format. Thank you for choosing me […]

LinkedIn ProFinder to market low cost tax services

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updated April 5, 2017 I tested a new marketing tool using LinkedIn ProFinder to promote my low-cost online tax filing service. This blog post explains my project and hopefully serves as a basis for further marketing discussion among peers and advisers. This post documents the process I used to develop and test the online lead generation […]