States tackle health insurance stabilization

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After the federal government failed to provide leadership on stabilizing health insurance markets, some states are taking bold moves to tackle the problems. In short, these efforts look promising. It seems at least possible that states could male progress without federal government leadership. The common thread is that states need to deviate from established rules […]

Annotated text of HR 1275

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H. R. 1275 To eliminate the individual and employer health coverage mandates under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, to expand beyond that Act the choices in obtaining and financing affordable health insurance coverage, and for other purposes. IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES March 1, 2017 Mr. Sessions introduced the following bill; which was […]

2017 Trends in health insurance enrollment 

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These past few weeks at Freedom Benefits I’ve noticed an increase in enrollment related activity of health insurance enrollments for immigrants. I can’t explain that. and I do not know if it is related to recent political news. With the deadline for HRA plan setup approaching on March 30, I am receiving more calls and in […]

Propaganda today

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“The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.” – Russian dissident and chess grand-master Garry Kasparov “Make America Great Again” belies the overwhelming data that suggests growing old gracefully is our nation’s best option. “America First” is equally unsupported by positive […]

Buyer beware (again) in financial services

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I regret that we dialed back the clock and returned to a “buyer beware” marketplace of financial services after President Trump yesterday unhinged the fiduciary rule for financial advisers. This move shouldn’t come as a surprise; it is a favor for Wall Street firms who depend on naive financial consumers for their profits. Trump has demonstrated […]

Now is the time to reassure your Republican lawmakers

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I just sent this message to my Republican Congressman and urge you to do the same especially if you live in an area represented by a Republican representative. As a growing number of Republican lawmakers express concerns about the president, they need to be reassured in their decision to oppose Trump. “Dear Congressman LoBiondo: I have […]