Pocahontas empowered

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Senator Elizabeth Warren solidified her leadership position of the nation’s political opposition force this week. Even the president acknowledged that in one of his insult-hurling tweets “Pocahontas is now the face of your party”. Warren, like me, says that has voted Republican for most of her life before assuming positions of Democratic party leadership. Yet she […]

Dealing with opposing values in business

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I briefly considered working with a business adviser who impresses me as brilliant. Yet business brilliance and social leadership do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. I realized that his values are exactly opposite mine as expressed in this social media post. Separately, I’ve also taken steps recently to distance my business from customers and vendors  who do […]

Consumer boycotts are working

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This post was updated on February 8 after Nordstrom dropped the Trump product line and share price rebounded by 5 percent. Uber also abandoned support for the administration last week and donated $1 million to the resistance movement. Consumer boycotts seem to be picking up more steam this week against a handful of companies like Amazon, Yuengling, […]

Civil protest is always ugly and sometimes deadly

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  Civil disobedience is ugly and inefficient. It is uncomfortable, costs us property and sometimes even lives. But civil protest is by far the most powerful force that exists in society. Certainly the United States would not exist today as a nation if small groups of drunken colonialists had not engaged in shameful behavior of […]

Reality has a liberal bias

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A friend shared this graphic that appears to have over 2 million views online. That’s encouraging considering all that we are learning of the fake news industry and international propaganda efforts through fake news. I do not know the original source. I commented that conservatives would likely say that those mainstream sources listed as “great […]

U.S. risks abadnoning Declaration of Human Rights

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The flaws of “putting America first” Long before the nationalistic and discriminatory rhetoric of Trump, the United States committed to uphold the  basic human rights of all people of the world equally without preference: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as […]

I am a racist

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Yesterday a business associate called me a racist online. It’s a first in 30+ years of published social activism that began with opinion pieces published as a college newspaper columnist and editor. I replied that I think all of us are predisposed to racial bias in our environment. I am quite aware of this bias in my […]

Three things that would make today a success

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I read an online article about a successful executive who had the daily habit each morning of writing himself a note on the topic ‘three things that will make today a success’ and carrying that note in his pocket throughout the day. It sounds like a great idea. I tried a similar version by putting […]

Here we go: misdirected but full steam ahead

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“My agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting America first” – Donald Trump on November 21, 2016. As he starts off misguided but stubbornly determined to push in the wrong direction it seems that humanity is in for a difficult time ahead. As one humble and relatively powerless individual citizen, I will continue to scream […]


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I used to think of myself as unelectable. So when, from time to time, I’ve been encouraged to run for some local elected office I’ve always declined. The problem, I thought, was that my past made me unelectable in today’s political process that exposes the dark corners of a candidate’s life. First of all, my […]