Should a CPA help a delinquent taxpayer? a criminal? a drug dealer?

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A CPA posed a question online about whether he should help a person who had not filed income tax returns for years but now wants to come clean and catch up. It was surprising to me that almost all the CPAs who responded said they would not help. Many had strong logical arguments for their […]

Year end reflections on traumatic brain injury

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I recently passed the 8th year mark since the head injury that changed everything in my world. My case is primarily a story of recovery far surpassing the expectations of any of my treating physicians.  Eventually, very slowly, I returned from a state of being a “madman” to a well-organized thinker and leader. I went […]

A simple response to the North Korea threat

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The Wall Street Journal headline today reads “U.S. Struggles for Response to Sony Hack” and talks about how advisers from President Barack Obama ’s intelligence, military and diplomatic teams were having daily meetings about the situation, Meanwhile, Americans everywhere were quick to denounce Sony’s decision to cancel distribution of the movie this week. Some of […]