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Change to Privacy and Security Agreement

I made some changes to my privacy and security statements and will now request that new clients affirmatively acknowledge and accept the agreement before I make any other follow-up communication.

Part of the reason is to emphasize my reliance of text, email, video conferences and document portals. Surprisingly, I still get calls from people who say they don’t use any of these. A remote online adviser is not a good fit for them. I am not equipped to handle secure paper communications.

Another reason for the change in procedure is internal efficiency. I sometimes receive a request for service and then never hear from the caller again. It takes me up to one hour to prepare an engagement agreement after an initial free call. By requesting a response to the Privacy and Security agreement in advance of preparing the engagement agreement, I may reduce unproductive time by weeding out non-responders more efficiently

A copy is available here for download: privacy-and-security

Please let me know how to reach you for a free consultation. I serve clients across the country by phone or Skype or can meet in person in the Philadelphia region. Your contact information is not shared with anyone.



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