Civil protest is always ugly and sometimes deadly

These whiners refused to accept that George was their king and did not heed jeers to get a job and just accept things as they were.


Civil disobedience is ugly and inefficient. It costs us property and sometimes lives. But it is by far the most powerful force that exists in society. Certainly the United States would not exist today as a nation if small groups of drunken colonialists had not engaged in shameful behavior of destroying property in order to trigger the wrath of the government’s forces.

It was reported that police in Seattle brought out lethal weapons yesterday in response to peaceful protests yesterday. We’ve also read that professional journalists and attorneys were arrested and prosecuted in DC last week for peaceful protest actions.

By John Paul Filo, who was a journalism student at Kent State University at the time – © 1970 Valley News-Dispatch, Fair use,

I’m convinced that it is only a matter of time until we suffer an event like the 1970 Kent State massacre by police against peaceful protesters.  At the same time, I commend the actions of police in DC and Philadelphia who handled recent peaceful protests with poise and professionalism.

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