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Health insurance for illegal immigrants

We’ve seen a series of articles like this one lately about the estimated $12 Billion paid each year in income taxes by illegal immigrants. These taxpayers do not receive the same benefits as citizens who pay wage taxes. They are not eligible for  subsidized insurance on the exchange and are not eligible for state programs that offer worker benefits for disabilities as a result of injuries incurred on the job. It is a complex problem apparently with no easy solutions.

I often receive telephone calls from financially responsible illegal immigrants who need to enroll in inbound immigrant health insurance because they do not qualify for the health plans offered to citizens. I often hear that they are successful business owners earning enough to pay their taxes and pay for 100% of their own health care – something that millions of Americans cannot do.

One thing is clear: illegal immigrants are paying about $12 Billion more in income taxes each year than our presidential candidate Donald Trump who wishes to deport them.

Regardless of our position on illegal immigration, we should be clear that many illegal immigrants are financially responsible and are making a positive contribution to our nation’s balance sheet.

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