Why I prefer Microsoft Office over Google Apps (and Excel over Sheets)

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These notes are prepared in advance of a collaborative article with another CPA. The proposed article is meant for accountants about the benefits of Microsoft Excel vs. Google Sheets. This is why I prefer Microsoft Office and Excel: I am paying Microsoft for a service so there is a legally enforceable contract. I have the right […]

Chemical contamination of fish in the Delaware Bay

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I had this interesting and useful email exchange with Bruce Ruppel, an Environmental Specialist 4 with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Office of Science in late February 2014 with regard to chemical contamination of fish in the Delaware Bay. It is reproduced here just for reference. For a more general discussion of seafood […]

A practical approach to bitcoin for regular people

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Today I set up an account on Coinbase so that I can conduct transactions in bitcoin. If you don’t know what either of those terms means, there is probably no point in continuing to read further. But if you are aware of bitcoin and might have been wondering whether “regular people” should be involved, this […]

My response to messages of bigotry on Facebook

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I’ve noticed an unfortunate increase in hate messages spreading on Facebook. These messages tend to be spread by people who might characterize themselves as politically unsophisticated; that is, they likely didn’t fully consider the meaning or social consequence of the message they are spreading through a simple action of a “like”. Yet the world’s greatest […]

Review of my data backup plan: everyone should have one!

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Everyone should have a data backup plan with built-in redundancy that anticipates human error and known risks. Those who do not, it seems to me, always eventually wind up losing data. I’ve lost important data over the years including legal and financial records and family digital photos so I feel like I’ve learned the hard […]