New study of tides in the Delaware Bay

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A new paper on tides in the Delaware Bay will be published by Geophysical Research Letters. The abstract is reproduced below: A high-resolution study of tides in the Delaware Bay: Past conditions and future scenarios Key Points Modeled tidal evolution in the Delaware Bay shows strong spatial variability Tides respond differently to past and future […]

Tax planning notes for 2013

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Following are unformatted meeting notes from a Presentation by Al Klingan JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC in a meeting 11/8/2012 hosted by First Financial at the Philadelphia Union League. CURRENT LAW FOR 2013 (if no congressional action) All brackets rise CG rise to 20% Dividends 39.6% Deductions phase out Exemptions phaseout Social Security to 6.2% Additional 3.8% […]

Protect and pass on digital assets: How to avoid getting lost in the cloud

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  The excerpt below comes from Vanguard and ties into the work I’ve been doing recently to get clients to organize store important online documents and coordinate communication with trusted advisers. Every bank, accounting system and trust company may offer its own version of secure cloud-based asset management, but the concept is the same. I […]

Downe Township Today and Tomorrow: A Natural Treasure Worth Saving

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September 2015 update: Since the date of this 2012 post (just before super storm Sandy) Downe Township has completed millions of dollars of infrastructure improvements including a $500,000 seawall in front of my house at Money Island, I have personally invested substantial additional money in aquaculture and ecotourism projects and have agreed to help raise […]

Preview of “Networked Life” course and review article

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I learned of and this particular course through the recent NPR media coverage in the first few days of October. As a volunteer columnist for the New Jersey CPA organization, I enrolled in this course in order to sample the service with the intention of using this experience as the basis for a review […]

Obama and Romney on tax issues

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This summary was prepared by CCH and IMO really helps to summarize and highlight the differences in the two party candidates’ ideas on tax issues: Obama on Individual taxes 2013 rates higher for higher-income taxpayers only Unspecified future date: lower rates for middle/lower income brackets Higher capital gains/dividend rate for higher-income taxpayers $3.5 million estate […]

The real science of the 21st century

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Today The Wall Street Journal included coverage of this important research that was previously covered in Nature and other journals. I am convinced this topic of study will essentially define scientific knowledge about human life and health for the years ahead. Virtually all areas of human science and medical research are pointing in the direction of this […]

Employers may be legally required to reduce 401(k) plan fees

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This excerpt on “What Plan Sponsors Can Learn from Tussey v. ABB, Inc.” comes from a marketing email from the 401(k) Coach Program. “The importance of understanding and upholding fiduciary duties is more critical than ever as recently demonstrated by the Tussey v. ABB, Inc. verdict. A judgment against ABB and its record keeper, administrator […]