Pricing is important to success in the small business. I use the same cost control strategies as recommended to my small business clients to maintain a low price competitive advantage in my field. The savings are passed on to clients in the form of lower pricing.

My competitive pricing strategy depends a few operational procedures:

  1. Written agreements help improve communication about the details of engagements and our expectations.
  2. Electronic payments made timely.
  3. Work scheduling based on receipt of payment.
  4. Ongoing informal electronic communication to keep in touch with clients while “on the go” to supplement in-person and telephone sessions.

No charge services

I offer an first consultation without charge. This offer is limited both by available time and prioritized based on situations where I can have the most impact.

Contracted services

My fee is based on a stated dollar amount or formula for the successful completion of a contracted service based on an expectation that the demonstrated value of result of this service to you or your business is higher than the expected cost. This fee approach is driven by results and is sometimes called ‘value pricing’. The fee is always agreed in advance, in writing.