Security issues of online accounting

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This is the content of an email that I send to all clients:

This message addresses online security issues related to our work together. There is no need to respond, this is just for your information. But if you wish to discuss any issue please let me know.
1) I rely on the online data storage platforms of major companies like Microsoft, Google and Intuit so my level of online security is the same as these commonly used business services and other similar industry standards.
2) I do not store private client files on any local device.
3) Transfer of data between us can take any format you wish. Some clients prefer social media, text message or email, others use fax, and others use a secure data portal. I will follow your lead. In other words, if you send private information via Facebook messenger, for example, then I will presume that it is OK to reply using the same method.
4) You can always send me a secure communication or document using this private and secure portal at the “Guest” option to upload a document.

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