Petty Pennsylvania tax penalty

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Tax professionals seem to love sharing bizarre stories of the trade especially when the taxpayer or the government acts in some silly manner. I am no exception. Recently I settled a multi-year complex tax problem for a small business client in Pennsylvania. I figured that, as happened in this case, if I can negotiate a […]

No double taxation for dual state residents

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Can a state or local government tax your income that was earned and already taxed in another state? That was the question before the U.S. Supreme Court over the past few years and an opinion was finally issued this week. “NO” says SCOTUS in a 5-4 decision. The surprise to me was that it was such a close […]

Proposed Sandy tax relief for individuals and businesses

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These measures are proposed June 2013 and appear to have a strong chance of passage. (My source is   Individuals: Waiver of Adjusted Gross Income limitation for theft/loss deduction, so individuals can deduct the cost of uninsured losses.   Increased Charitable Contribution Limits: The legislation increases charitable deduction limits of taxpayers with respect to cash […]