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CPA tax preparer fees

Fees for CPA prepared returns             

by Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT     revised October 10, 2015

(These fees are for 2014 tax returns. Rates for 2015 tax returns are not yet established. See the Sample tax sevice agreement for more information on details of service anticipated in a standard tax service engagement).

This chart lists standard fees that may be negotiated higher or lower depending on your specific situation. If the fee is negotiated, then the rate will be confirmed in writing. Factors that may increase the rate include missing records, initial setup of tax records and accounting required to complete the return. Factors that may decrease the rate include repeat customers and multiple returns in one family. Rates may be lower for tax return services offered by a non-CPA preparer.

Regional industry average tax preparation fees are published here.

The rate for a flat fee tax consultation is $300.

The rate for amendments and audit representations are individually calculated and agreed in writing in advance of the engagement.

Individual Tax Returns     e-file

Basic individual tax return Form 1040A, Affordable Care Act compliant, e-file:  $ 95 

Individual tax return Form 1040 with standard deductions, Affordable Care Act compliant, e-file, and one state tax return:     $195 

Schedule A (itemized deductions), Schedule D (Investments), Schedule E (Rental properties, Form 8962 or 8965 (ACA compliance exemption or with individual mandate penalty):  $85 per form

Schedule EIC (Earned Income Credit):  $145

Additional state tax return:  $30 per state 

Business Tax Returns

Schedule C (unincorporated business):    $195

Form 1065 (partnership):    $695

Form 1120 (corporation) or Form 1120S (S corporation):     $895

Form 1041 (fiduciary)   $595

Form 990 (tax exempt):   $795

Form 940 (Federal unemployment):   $85  


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