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Battling with IRS in a tax audit

First Impressions of the 2006 Tax Law

HSA Tax Loophole in Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006

Is the 'Flat Tax' Already here?

Patented Tax Advice

Reduce Tax Filing Time: Send in Another Form

Regulating Tax Preparers

Tax planning

Taxation of Health Insurance for S-corporation Owners

Legal Issues

Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc.

Education and Student Issues


Employment and Employee Benefits

Avoid tax trouble with self-employed retirement plans

Fixing a broken 401(k) plan

Spin on Health Savings Account Reform

More Spin on Health Savings Accounts

Sex discrimination in consumer driven health plans

Government Programs and Entitlements

Cover The Uninsured Week Focuses on Kids

Health Care vs. Health Insurance

Who Lives and Who Dies in Illinois




Health Insurance

Another useless cancer study

Capitalizing on a health insurance disaster

Capitalistic Medicine

Defeat of Association Health Plan Bill

Forbes on short term medical insurance

Health insurance for the working stupid

Health Insurance in New Jersey

Improvements to Basic Health Insurance

Massachusetts almost gets it right

Pennsylvania health insurance reform

Preying on Diabetics Through E-mail

Reinsurance Proposals Will Not Work

Rethinking the McCarran-Ferguson Act

Scam report for online health insurance

Spin on Health Savings Account Reform

Trends in Insurance Complaints

Life Insurance

Life insurance from the top down

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Large investors vs. small investors

Lessons from Discount Brokers

Thoughts on EFTs and Hedge Funds


401(k) plan legal claims

Financial Planning

Bastardizing the term "Wealth Management"

Choosing a Financial Adviser

Just Say No to Futures-Linked HSAs

NAPFA "Focus on Fiduciary Campaign" Misleads Investors

Ridiculous Publication on Personal Financial Advisers

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Farewell Jerry Falwell

Fears about our worsening health care crisis

Martin Luther King Birthday 2006

Why is the NFIB losing credibility?

Post Election Financial Planning

The Nature Conservancy

Religious / Spiritual

My Manifesto

Reflections on the 2005 Census Report

Consumer Issues

Best and Worst List

Coffee Shops

Wilshire Credit fraud

Other / Miscellaneous

 One Hundred Years