Tax return preparation rates

These rates were published in 2015 and are out-of-date now.

The bench-marked tax preparation fees in the table below are calculated based on the average regional prices for the northeast as published in 2016 by the National Association of Accountants. The purpose of this post is to serve as a reference, not as a price quote. The intent of an online remote tax service like mine is to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of tax filing services. Savings are not always uniform and may not be possible in some situations.

average tax preparation fees last year
average regional tax preparation fees in 2015


Average early season tax preparation fee for work performed in 2017 based on the formula described above and incorporating remote electronic service cost-saving measures described in the engagement agreement:

Form 1040 (the most common individual income tax returns) with Schedule A itemized deductions and one state tax income tax return, e-filed: $200

Schedule C (business): $100

Form 1065 (partnership):  $500

Form 1120 (corporation): $500

Form 1120S (S corporation):  $455

Form 1041 (fiduciary): $400

Form 990 (tax exempt):  $550

Form 940 (Federal unemployment):  $55

Schedule D (gains and losses):  $125

Schedule E (rental):  $140 per rental property

Schedule F (farm):  $175

1040EZ or 1040A simple tax returns for those who would otherwise qualify for the IRS “Freefile” system (it may not be free to file state and local income tax returns on this system. These types of simple tax returns are not usually prepared by a CPA but if I have time, I may offer to do it on a sliding scale reduced fee based on income. Please ask about availability.

This list includes only the most common tax forms, not all tax forms.

Tax preparation fees do not include accounting procedures necessary to obtain the figures for tax returns nor the cost of research to establish documentation of sustainable positions.

I am happy to discuss fees for your specific tax situation in a no-obligation initial telephone consultation. In most cases I will require a no fee, no obligation review of your prior year tax return before offering any tax preparation service for the current year.


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