Elizabeth Fineman, Doylestown marital attorney with a mind on taxes

So few marital attorneys pay attention to the tax effects of a property settlement, in my experience, that a marital attorney with a masters in tax law made an immediate impression. Elizabeth Fineman is a partner in the downtown Doylestown firm of Antheil Maslow and MacMinn, LLP on West State Street about two blocks from the court house. We met for coffee at her office.

I could hardly help myself from sharing old memories of Doylestown, where I went to college, coached, cared for an estate home and had my own home and first downtown office. I left Doylestown in 1991 with my first wife Stephanie to raise a family in Lower Merion. Now on rare few times that I get to return to visit it always feel a little bit magical.

Neither Elizabeth nor I could remember the program name “Brown Bag it With the Arts” run by the local chamber of commerce that hosts a series of summer concerts at the court house. I was the first chairman of that committee and we commissioned the logo that the performing arts program still uses today.

Elizabeth and I both went to Temple University; her for law and me for business school. I shared that my son Josh is finishing law school there now and two step sons Justin and Jason did well at Temple also.

We talked about our experience handling clients in stressful situations who need emotional support but who should not spend the money to use their attorney or accountant for this purpose. We agreed that the best part of working with our marital case clients was seeing clients rebuild to stronger more successful lives over time.

This blog post is part of an ongoing project to get me out of the office to meet more business people and the exercise of writing out is meant to prompt my memory and serve as an easy way to encourage business referrals in the future.  If you are reading this and would be open to a similar get-together business meeting, lunch of coffee, please let me know.