Melissa Aidukas

Melissa Aidukas is the walking persona of positive energy and likability.  From the first moment we met casually a few years ago she just makes me smile. I presume that she has that same effect on everybody. Her business plan has so many high energy components that I asked her to show me in writing because I had trouble keeping up with the discussion in our meeting yesterday. For purposes of this blog, I’ll just say that Melissa does business events. My natural inclination is to say that she can help inspire new energy to the marketing efforts of established business people. She specifically mentions programs designed for CEOs.

We talked about possible introductions to business people who met that niche. It seems to me that many people in that group just don’t do much marketing anymore. We share a belief that small businesses like mine and hers should not be paying to cross-promote each other. Some event marketing situations fit that model; others do not. I’m looking into opportunities to get myself ‘out there’ more often; it’s not clear yet whether we have any synergy here.

Melissa took the opportunity to ask some general small business accounting questions. I have a longstanding reputation of offering pro bono services to fellow Powermatch members exactly for these casual situations where an outside opinion could be useful. It’s a win-win to have a ready-to-go platform to offer this type of small impromptu business help.

We made plans for a follow-up conversation and I had one person immediately in mind that I want to make an introduction.

This blog post is part of an ongoing project to get me out of the office to meet more business people and the exercise of writing out is meant to prompt my memory and serve as an easy way to encourage business referrals in the future. The next step for me is to apply principles of the follow-up planner. If you are reading this and would be open to a similar get-together business meeting, lunch of coffee, please let me know.