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July 2015

Payroll setup made easy    July 19, 2015

Most workers are employees     July 16, 2015

Urge the EPA to stop already!    July 15, 2015

Three solid financial planning strategies for dealing with the Unaffordable Care Act  July 12, 2015

Disaster assistance was a disaster    July 10, 2015

Sandy flood insurance claim review won’t be an easy process    July 10, 2015

Tax planning for small business excise tax penalties under IRC 4980D  July 9, 2015

June 2015

How to avoid being the victim of a financial scam    June 30, 2015

10 reasons why problems for state insurance exchange begins now    July 19,2015

Top 10 tax risks for small businesses    June 26, 2015

My CPA practice at 6 months - What's working, what's not    June 21, 2015

Tax tips for individual life insurance   June 13, 2015

Tax preparers still struggle with ACA implementation  June 11, 2015

How to avoid 4980D excise taxes in small business health plans     June 1, 2015

May 2015

The changing role of small business HRAs     May 28, 2015

Introduction to executive benefits for small businesses     May 9, 2015

April 2015

How long should I keep tax records?     4/29/2015

Accountant's Permanent File (What is an)     4/29/2015

4 Things you should know about your income tax return   4/16/2015

March 2015

Shakeup in small business accounting     3/11/2015

Top 10 things small businesses will love about the new QuickBooks     3/8/2015

10 shaky tax deductions   3/2/2015

February 2015

The new health plan rules for small businesses  2/4/2015

A new strategy to fight small business trademark infringement   3/2/2015

Sudden change to tax treatment of small business health plans     2/19/2015

The insurance subsidy rip-off    2/15/2015

Avoid scamish tax refund scheme     2/8/2015

The fundamentals of online accounting     2/7/2015

Privacy statements are useless     2/7/2015

Three consumer lessons from the Anthem data hack     2/5/2015

The new rules for small business health plans     2/4/2015

Why are the insurance Marketplaces failing?     2/3/2015

January 2015

When using QuickBooks is a no-brainer, 1/22/2014

Middle income folks can outperform the wealthy, 1/21/2014

10 things you need to know about this year's taxes, 1/20/2015

When free online tax filing really isn't free, 1/20/2015

Who can benefit from early tax filing? Who must wait?, 1/19/2015

How to get free CPA tax help for online filers, 1/18/2015

Update your employee benefit plans for 2015, 1/17/2015

Philadelphia CPA launches low cost online tax service (press release 1/13/2015)

Income tax filing changes for the Affordable Care Act (press release 1/12/2014)

December 2014

18 Things Small Businesses Must Know About Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), revised 12/30/2014

Top 10 easy tax shelters, revised 12/21/2014

Tax preparers should be scared 12/20/2014

4 tax moves small business owners should take before December 31 12/16/2014

Top 5 mistakes small business owners make in response to the Affordable Care Act 12/13/2014

Startling news about consumer medical debt 12/12/2014

How a strong personal brand cost me my job! 12/10/2014

Online brand building vs. new business development 12/9/2014

Consumer complaints on cancelling health insurance 12/7/2014

Update on 412(i) pension plans: Use of life insurance and annuities in small business pension plans, revised 12/4/2014

Pension plans for small businesses, 12/3/2014 

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