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Income tax filing by mobile phone

by Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT     updated February 8, 2015

In past years you had to go to a computer and then long into a secure web site or go to a tax preparer's office to electronically file your tax return. Then a few years ago TurboTax began offering filing via text message on a mobile phone. That service was discontinued amid security concerns in 2013 but now I offer a similar service with bank-level security that is meant to be fast, easy, and affordable.

Getting started

To get started just send me a text or email with your contact information. That gives the basic information to set up an efile tax return record. I'll take it from there and respond within one day with additional information.

The first thing you will receive is an engagement letter that includes information about the service and pricing.

Uploading documents

Next you will receive a message with your individual secure link to upload your copies or cell phone photos are required tax documents. See the Security page for more information on the secure file transfer system. I'll look your tax documents over and quickly respond from there.


Some returns can be completed on the same day but more typically it takes a few days to gather all the information and double-check the return prior to electronic filing.

When the work is done you will receive a copy of all forms for review.

I will request your electronic signature authorizing the e-filing of your tax return.


You can pay for your tax filing through PayPal using a debit card, check or any major credit card, and have your return filed the same day. I send a confirmation that the return was e-filed and you can then check the processing status directly at

Using an online CPA usually may not the cheapest way to file your taxes, but it certainly is the easiest and most reassuring way to get the job done!

Many simple tax returns that can be most easily filed through mobile phone communications cost $95. Other rates are also published online here.

This article was meant to provide a simple explanation of the e-filing process. Some specific situations are not covered in this article.

Find more information, including the full schedule of filing fees and other procedures at

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